Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech Hairdryer Jade


Parlux Alyon Jade

Must-have: Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech Hair Dryer in iridescent jade. Italian-made innovation and technological prowess, now combined with a uniquely gorgeous green iridescence.

Parlux 385 Power Light


Parlux 385 Power Light

Time to update your dryer? Meet the Parlux 385 Power Light which has stood the test of time, winning in InStyle’s annual Best Beauty Buys four years in a row. Parlux now¬†celebrates 13 consecutive¬†years of wins with InStyle!

Parlux Ardent Hairdryer


Parlux Ardent Hairdryer

High style. High performance. The first professional Parlux hair dryer designed specifically to meet the demands of the modern barber shop. Parlux Ardent seamlessly blends supreme innovation with good looks.

Counterfeit Parlux 3800 Hairdryer warning


for Parlux 3800 Hairdryers

Counterfeit Parlux 3800 dryers, made in Asia, are being offered for sale on the Internet.

These dryers are not SAA safety approved which is compulsory in Australia, do not have the correct cords and plugs and are not covered by a Parlux warranty. It is recommended that you buy Parlux products only from local, authorized, Parlux dealers.

To check whether a seller is an authorized dealer please contact us on 02 9666 3611 or email us for verification.

Be warned DealCatch, a website operating out of Asia is currently offering illegal, counterfeit Parlux 3800 dryers for sale.


Important Warning

The seller www.au.carethy.net is a Spanish site selling Parlux Hair Dryers without SAA approval and without an Australian plug. If a purchaser does wish to buy from this seller, it is recommended that details be requested of the warranty provided with the item to be purchased.