Buying Guide


When buying a Parlux Hair Dryer we recommend checking the following items with your seller:

  1. Is the hairdryer approved in accordance with Australian Safety Standards and been manufactured for usage with the local voltage (240V)? This particularly applies to dryers supplied from overseas and sold by either overseas or local online sellers. Approved Parlux Hair Dryers will have the following RCM symbol on the dryer.

    Please note that this symbol does not signify approval in accordance with the Safety Standards:
  2. Is the hairdryer supplied with an Australian cord and plug? If not, you will need an adaptor to be able to use the hairdryer in Australia. Is the adaptor supplied free with the dryer or will you need to purchase it separately?
  3. Is the hairdryer covered by an effective, readily accessible, two year warranty?
  4. Is the dryer a counterfeit? There is currently the 3800 model which is manufactured in China and sold through a Malaysian site. How to tell a fake Parlux Hair Dryer:
    • Dark coloured metal grill at the rear
    • White/black numbers instead of the words “med” and “max” on switches
    • Dark coloured screws
    • No RCM symbol on the dryer
    • No warning tag adjacent to the plug

If you have any concerns about any Parlux Hair Dryer please feel free to contact us for further advice.